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Life Insurance

When we turn 65 the world of Medicare becomes available to us! However while Medicare offers great coverage, it leaves a lot of gaps that need filling... We can explain the differences between Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Supplements, help determine what is right for you and year after year monitor to make sure your not paying too much for your coverage.

Open Enrollment for 2018 is November 1 through December 15!

Senior Open enrollment for 2017 is October 15 through Dec 7!
Call to find out if you may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period.

Type Prescription coverage is a must! Did you know that a Part D plan is not required, but if you decline to join a plan there will be a permanent penalty you will have to pay when you DO choose to join a program? So why hesitate? Prescription plans are included in a lot of Medicare Advantage Plans and are very affordable even as a stand alone product.

Health Insurance (Under 65)

The Affordable Care Act Requires us all to have insurance or pay a fine every year. Navigating to establish a tax credit can be an unnerving process for some. We will help you from account creation all the way to plan selection with clear guidance on the choices available.

In the case that your income exceeds the Marketplace guidelines, we can help you purchase your plan directly from the Insurance companies. We represent a large collection of major medical carriers and can find the right plan for you!

Our favorite saying here is "You only need life Insurance if you Love Someone!" And it's true..

We offer a full line of Permanent or Term Life Insurance to cover almost any situation. We will help determine your personal needs and then generate multiple quotes to offer Choices for you and your family. It's never to late to get started, it only gets more expensive every day you wait!

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